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About Us

welcome to Stanum

Windows & Doors Glass Professionals

Team STANUM is cruised forward by technically adept professionals with a passion to serve people better, emphasising equally on product quality and service. What’s more, with complete customer support at every step, extending from selection to installation and after-sales service.

For you to have peace of mind.

Enterprise STANUM comes from the house of Lakshmi Float Glass, comprising professionals who have led and catapulted the glass industry ahead, while being determined to usher in impeccable quality, originality and ease of use.

For you to look nowhere else.

Innovative STANUM is focused on subjecting breakthroughs to stringent lab tests and certified to Global Standards which ensures that the product is the perfect answer to the lofty visions of architects, builders, consultants and contractors who seek distinction beyond excellence.

For you to fulfill your interior dreams.